A few words about words…

So here you are, reading this. Words about words. Because as much as we love pictures, infographics and videos, words still form the core of any communication.

Every film or TV programme starts with the outline of an idea, written in words, and this may then go on to form the basis of a script or screenplay that details every action and verbal exchange.

Every advertisement, video, billboard and brochure starts with a brief, written in combinations of 26 letters and a few punctuation marks.
Without words, we wouldn’t have songs. They’d just be pieces of music. Radio wouldn’t exist.

At their worst, words just don’t connect with us; they leave us cold, bored or indifferent. But at their best, those words can make us feel love, anger, sympathy. They can make us laugh or cry. They can inspire us in ways nothing else can.

So investing in the right words pays dividends.

Words for websites
There is a tendency to think that if you can speak English, you can use the same words for your website. And indeed you can.

But will they be effective???
Writing for a website requires the co-ordination and balancing of a number of vital elements:

– conveying the benefits you offer to the target audience in the most compelling way
– optimising your chances of being highly ranked by search engines
– a tone that will enable you to establish a rapport with your readers
– headline messages that will draw the reader into the story
– leading your readers along a path towards engagement through clear, concise calls to action

Integrating these elements requires skill and experience, and getting it wrong could mean that your investment in a great looking website could be wasted.

How much will it cost?

In the scheme of things, having the right words for your site should give you a great return on investment.
With text from just £50 per page, it will help you to attract new clients, establish a rapport with them, and coax them from being prospects to clients, or from clients to ambassadors.

The real question is: what is the cost of NOT having the right words?