The Future of SEO and Google’s Search Algorithm in 2015

What will Matter Most for SEO Going Forward

Going forward, specificity of content will continue to become more and more important. Also, search engines will reward the “teacher”—in other words, not the piece of content that is looking to sound smart, but rather the piece of content that has the goal of communion with the reader/searcher. In a quick nutshell, I see the following SEO factors becoming VERY significant in the coming years:

  1. Time on Site: Time is man’s greatest resource. It’s also going to be one of Google’s greatest judges of the best content the web has to offer.
  2. Bounce Rate: If they quickly come and go, you’ve got a problem
  3. Freshness of Content: It better be up to date
  4. Meaty/thorough Content: Searchers don’t just want answers—they want GREAT answers
  5. Mobile: Your content better look great on every screen, no matter the size
  6. Transparency/Honesty: People don’t want to read biased content. They want honesty and transparency, and search engines will get better and better at giving it to them.
  7. Multimedia: Content that shows in multiple forms (like a blog post that includes text and video) will outperform content that uses just one means of communication.

So there you have it folks—Factors that will (and will not) play a major factor in SEO going forward.

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